Sunday, January 30, 2011

Competition BBQ Class April 2nd in New Jersey

Beat the learning curve and get the CALL your first comp out. Jacked Up BBQ (formerly Ocean County Pig Assassins) and R2-BQ will be holding a competition BBQ class May 14, 2011 9am - ? Monmouth County NJ. Location to be announced. The cost will be $300 per person. $50 from fee will be donated to Ocean Of Love. They are a local support group for families with children that have Cancer. Ocean of Love gets money to the families for house bills, medical bills, travel expenses, and anything esle the families need during these terrible times. Not only will this class be a great learning experience but it is for a GREAT CAUSE!

Class outline:
1. Meat Selection
2. Meat prep (butchering, rubbing, injecting, etc)
3. Cooking methods
4. Meat temps
5. Getting meat ready to box
6. Saucing
7. Adjusting for flavor on the fly
8. Box building
9. Meat presentation
10. The circuits most popular rubs and sauces

You will be getting two classes for the price of one, both teams will show their stuff, nothing held back!

You will be learing all the recipes that have won GC's, Reserves. Countless First's and top tens in each category.

You will be able to take pictures along with your notes.

Donuts and coffee all day along with the BBQ we cook for lunch and some tasty sides!

Email at for more information and signup